It has been a busy week for tower inspections, from the Outer Hebrides to Orkney. The outbound ferry from Orkney to Thurso developed a fault within minutes of leaving the port, doing a U-turn back to Orkney. Fortunately the fault was corrected and they finally set sail some hours later. We tend to clear our island visits earlier in the year to minimise weather surprises, but when you add unreliable ferries into the mix it turns every day into a lottery.

Despite the weather, the team managed to solve a signal issue for a client site on Arran. As the weather worsened it was touch and go whether they’d get back to the mainland as ferry cancellations and breakdowns were rife. The client subsequently confirmed they were receiving the best signal they’d ever achieved from the site.

Our teams were also carrying out site audits and STC recertifications in the Western Isles – with stunning scenery for company – before going on to complete a final survey of 2023 in North Uist. It was another time-sensitive trip with a pre-dawn ferry off the Outer Hebrides to Ullapool, before a quick trip to Applecross, then four hours over to Aberdeen for D2 repairs.